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Hybrid Development
At the moment, I'm a "mobile hybrid development" believer. HTML5 provides a lot a good stuff ready to use for mobile apps and to solve native access dilemma, i've choose to use the Cordova (aka Phonegap) framework.

CordovaCordova provides a container, built around a native WebView, that allow to embed an HTML5 app in native fashion.

A great feature of Cordova is their "plugin's infrastructure" that enable communication between Javascript and native code giving to developers infinite possibility to break HTML5 limits and/or restrictions.

Working with Cordova and developing plugins for IOS & Android  i've understood that common need for all plugins is just to send messages from Javascript that can be handle in native code and viceversa. So i've developed a generic plugin that extend the Cordovabuilt-in message bus connecting it to the standard native message bus provided by native platform.

The "Broadcaster" Plugin
The …

DynJS Addon: Develop a JBoss Forge Addon using Javascript

As java developer I continuously searching tools that make easier my daily work. While ago i've started to use JBoss Forge and, for my job, seems the right tool in the right moment.

The tight maven integration, the lot of available wizards has immediately got my attention, but the "best of" for me was the possibility to extend it developing Addon in easy way and sharing them as maven artifacts.

Lately i'm approaching to other programming languages (i'm became a polyglot believer) and in particular i love Javascript, because it could be considered a full-stack language covering either the client-side and server-side programming. 
So i've thought to bring on javascript on JBoss Forge to allow developing an Addon using such programming language more than java, giving the possibility to developers to build, test & share an Addon in quick & easy way without need to compilation and jar packaging
For that purpose I've started a new Open Source project named


What's a Code Playground ?
In the last Apple Developer Conference (ADC) has been presented the new programming language named Swift.
In that conference the Swift's showcases have been developed through a new tool, included in Xcode, named Playground (Playing Around) that allowed, while writing code, having an immediate feedback about the effect of what they were doing

It is quite evident that this is a great feature to provide for whatever IDE and take note that  Apple is not the first to do this.

Purpose of this article is to try to give as much as possible information about the best "Code Playground" available in the software development market
Java Code PlaygroundsSo let's start. First, being a Java Developer, i would like put in evidence that a kind of "playground" has been provided by Eclipse long time ago through use of Java Scrapbook Page that are defined as: The scrapbook allows Java expressions, to be run, inspected, and displayed under the control…

CORDOVA POC 1.3.1 for IOS has been released on App Store

why a release so time shortly ?
After release 1.3.0 of Cordova-POC I have had some feedbacks about crash of application in various scenarios such as :
At startup Opening the showcase Opening the JSFiddle tabOn my devices, 4S+7.1.1/IPAD2+7.1.1, everything went well but the problem seemed happen only on 5s devices.
After an investigation I have found the problem that was related to  Apache Cordova implementation. Fortunately there was available also a FIX (Cordova 3.5.0 includes it by default). 
I've applied such fix, tested and submitted the new 1.3.1 release of Cordova-POC to App Store. 
Hope this release will solve all previous problems, while for the next release, the 1.4.0,  i've planned to add push support and a new view to show up the device log (for debug purpose)
Thanks for patience and enjoy this new release of Cordova-POC

JBoss Forge Addon for Confluence Maven Plugin has been released!

IntroductionJBoss Forge is an enhanced java shell, tightly coupled with maven, that allows to develop scaffolding, wizards and whatever utilities that you can imagine. It is defined as:

The fastest way to build applications, share your software and enjoy doing it.
From release 2.0, JBoss Forge has implemented an UI abstraction layer that allow to  run its shells both as command line interface (CLI) than as eclipse's plugin with GUI

This is a very nice feature that has pushed me to develop a JBoss Forge addon for my confluence maven plugin, to make easier setup confluence publication within your maven project

Let's give a look at how to setup the confluence maven plugin in your project from eclipse using JBoss Forge

First, Install Forge2 in EclipseTo do this an Update Site is available for Eclipse Kepler or Luna (4.3/4.4) at

Install  "confluence-forge-plugin" addonAfter that, we have to …

CHROME EX - Octotree an useful extension for Github developer

Developer & GithubFor those like me who develop using Github and continuously evaluates new projects to fork them or to reuse in own development work every tool that could help us about that is welcomed

During dayly blogs' screening,  my attention has been captured by a new Chrome Extension named
Octotree that display Github code in tree format. I've immediately installed it because often i deal with a lot of clicks to open source code and ... et voilà problem solved. Description Display GitHub code in tree format. Useful for developers who frequently read source in GitHub and do not want to download or checkout too many repositories. Features Easy-to-navigate code tree like IDEsFast browsing with pjaxSupport private repositories 

Conclusion Now i'm an Octotree  happy user and i hope that this extension helps you as much as helped me

Is 'Reactive Programming' the new OOP ?

To Be Reactive Lately I attended the Codemotion event in Rome where i heard very interesting talks and many of them were related at the "Reactive Programming" that is the way to develop application that follow the rules stated in the "Reactive Manifesto".  Below such talks:
Jonas Bonér hasdived us  in "Building Reactive apps with Akka and Java 8"Massimiliano Dessì  on "Vert.X polyglot and reactive on JVM""Matteo Collina on "MQTT and Node.js - Messaging the Internet of Things"

From a while seems that the talks,questions and thoughts upon Reactive Programming (joined with Functional Programming) are dominating the development scene.
Yet another OOP ?I have been programming long enough to remember when OOP was new. It’s funny how similar the arguments against OOP and Reactive Programming are. Object oriented concepts where used long before anyone gave a name to it. Now OOP is taken for granted and assumed that all languages should be abl…

The XCODE's Plugins to work with COCOAPODS

IntroductionAs explained in  COCOAPODS: a dependency manager for IOS development , Cocoapods has became the de-facto standard for IOS development.

As consequence of that, from Open Source's world are coming out several Xcode plugins to make easy to work with Cocoapods

In this article i briefly describe the plugins that i've tested during my IOS development work

CocoaPodUI This Plugin provides a UI that allows to search, select & install pods in graphical way. In particular is  very handy the searching feature and it is well-designed the provided way to  keeping pod's versions under control.

Installation Open and build CocoaPodUI project, it will be installed automatically. Uninstall Just remove CocoaPodUI.xcplugin from ~/Library/Application Support/Developer/Shared/Xcode/Plug-ins

CocoaPods for Xcode This plugin provides  a complete set of features allowing to work with CocoaPods. In particular is interesting the opportunity to create…

RESTFul JMX: Open Java Management

GoalOne of my goals in last job was:

Allow third party systems and user access, in easy way, to JMX MBeans[1] provided by our Enterprise application
The common solution was to use "JMX Remoting" (JSR160)  and than, i had to choose:
A "JMX remoting" protocolA "JMX viewer" compliant with such protocol
Choosing a JXM Remoting protocolI found several supported protocols such as rmi, iiop, jmxmp, soap  provided by the MX4J project which last release has been in 2006. 

Lately, JBoss community, has released a remoting-jmx, a project to provide the integration required to expose JMX over Remoting 3 connections.
Chooosing a JMX ViewerConcerning JMX Viewer the most popular are JConsole and VisualVM  both are monitoring tool provided by JDK, while if we need web-based solution, we have to catch from open source marketplace (see
After investigationAfter this investigation I understood that I would have been kept busy a while, to do t…

NodeJS IDE for Java Developer

IDE dilemmaIn last years i've spent the most of my development time using the Java's language.

Lately i've  discovered the amazing power of NodeJS framework and now I love it.

But, starting to work on it, immediately I've had  the following dilemma:

Which IDE I have to use to develop NodeJS application ? 
When i've found out that both, my preferred java IDE, Eclipse and Netbeans had plugin for nodeJS development ... I understood how much NodeJS had become popular and my enthusiasm is grew. 

Below, i would like to share with you, the Toolset that i'm using to develop NodeJS 

Eclipse Tools for Node.js (from Nodeclipse)Those tools provides an amazing feature set for working on NodeJS ecosystem
FeaturesCreating default structure for New Node Project and New Node Source FileGenerating Express project with WizardJavaScript Syntax highlightingBracket matching and marking selection occurrences with background colorContent Assistant within one file (JSDT)Code completion for ba…