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JBoss Forge Addon for Confluence Maven Plugin has been released!

IntroductionJBoss Forge is an enhanced java shell, tightly coupled with maven, that allows to develop scaffolding, wizards and whatever utilities that you can imagine. It is defined as:

The fastest way to build applications, share your software and enjoy doing it.
From release 2.0, JBoss Forge has implemented an UI abstraction layer that allow to  run its shells both as command line interface (CLI) than as eclipse's plugin with GUI

This is a very nice feature that has pushed me to develop a JBoss Forge addon for my confluence maven plugin, to make easier setup confluence publication within your maven project

Let's give a look at how to setup the confluence maven plugin in your project from eclipse using JBoss Forge

First, Install Forge2 in EclipseTo do this an Update Site is available for Eclipse Kepler or Luna (4.3/4.4) at

Install  "confluence-forge-plugin" addonAfter that, we have to …

CHROME EX - Octotree an useful extension for Github developer

Developer & GithubFor those like me who develop using Github and continuously evaluates new projects to fork them or to reuse in own development work every tool that could help us about that is welcomed

During dayly blogs' screening,  my attention has been captured by a new Chrome Extension named
Octotree that display Github code in tree format. I've immediately installed it because often i deal with a lot of clicks to open source code and ... et voilĂ  problem solved. Description Display GitHub code in tree format. Useful for developers who frequently read source in GitHub and do not want to download or checkout too many repositories. Features Easy-to-navigate code tree like IDEsFast browsing with pjaxSupport private repositories 

Conclusion Now i'm an Octotree  happy user and i hope that this extension helps you as much as helped me