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Presentations from GWT.Create conference

The Event
GWT.create has been the largest event about GWT in 2013 with 2 days and more than 60 presentations.

The only event  solely focused on GWT, its future as web platform and  its rich ecosystem like:  Vaadin, Errai,  Sencha GXT &  ...

Presentations Directly from event, now are available (not all yet) the presentations shown there. I haven't read them yet, but they look very interesting in particular:  

A glimpse into the future of GWT – Nextgen Js Interop and Widgets 2.0GQuery, the perfect companion for your GWT projectMGWT & Phonegap, the next stepand much more .... >>
For anyone that have interest in GWT development, this "great stuff" could give a right idea about what GWT should become in the near future

So ...  enjoy the reading

JavaFX on Android - State of Art

JavaFX Prague Team is very active on JavaFX Mobile development.

After announcement of "Netbeans support for JavaFX on IOS" here is the "How to build OpenJFX on Android

All this stuff is based upon the javafxports project on, probably it isn't "production ready" yet, but it is continuous improved and looks very promising.

The last important fixes have been:
Fixed Multitouch supportFixed issue "dex with too many method references". Text input in TextField and TextArea from native softkeyboard.Improved lifecycle behavior pause, resume, rotation.So the question is:Are we ready to develop a new generation of Android app javaFX-aware? 
As Usual, i'll stay on track ....

MAVEN PLUGIN(S) SERIES - Find duplicate classes or resources

Maven Duplicate Finder Plugincom.ning.maven.plugins:maven-duplicate-finder-plugin:1.0.2:checkThis plugin helps to find duplicate classes and/or resources within project's dependencies. It's very straightforward to use 

From command linemvn com.ning.maven.plugins:maven-duplicate-finder-plugin:1.0.2:check Include in normal build<plugin> <groupId>com.ning.maven.plugins</groupId> <artifactId>maven-duplicate-finder-plugin</artifactId> <executions> <execution> <phase>verify</phase> <goals> <goal>check</goal> </goals> </execution> </executions> </plugin> Configuration There are several option that make this plugin very flexible: It is possible break the build upon duplicate detectionIt is possible add exceptions (i.e. allow duplicate classes or resources for specific artifacts)It is possible ignore dependencies from check
Output sample[WARNING] Found…

Confluence Reporting Maven plugin 3.4.3 - is out!

Today i've released a version 3.4.3 of the  Confluence Reporting Maven plugin .

This plugin is very useful to keep in synch documentation directly from IDE without need of context-switch

Starting from this release there is the support of  "export page" feature either in PDF or DOC format

The new goal is:

> confluence-reporting:export 

How to configure the plugin  To configure plugin within your pom please refer to :
Project WikiMaven Site DocumentationCodehaus Site

NetBeans support for JavaFX for iOS is out!

I while ago i heard about the possibility to build native IOS application using Java

Trying to go in deep of this topic i found out the amazing project:  ROBOVM

I started to test it  developing a Proof of concept  robovm-jsfiddle-javafx-app  available on Github

The amazing thing was the possibility to bring "native javaFx app" to "native IOS app" keeping the L&F

All looked very promising ... but unofficial and not suggested for production mode.

But now i find out an article from Oracle Blog - Netbeans support for JavaFX for IOS is out!  and  ... my thought is :

Are we ready to develop a new generation of IOS app javaFX-aware? 
I'll stay on track ....