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MiSE - Manifesto for Minimalist Software Engineers

Today i've read the MiSE and my attention was caught by the paragraph Think Different. 

I love this kind of stuff ... do u agree with me?

Think different

Simple is harder than complex, minimalism requires a lot of creativity in order to find new ways of doing more with less. Technical Skill is the mastery of complexity, while Creativity is the master of simplicity. Creativity is intelligence having fun! so enjoy the opportunity. So don't focus on working more, but in working less but smartly, Think! about your work, turn off the autopilot, leave the comfort zone and take control. And hey! don't be shy, it takes guts to change the status quo. But remember, the world you are living in is made by people no smarter than you are, they just believed it was possible. Of course people will think you are a weirdo sometimes because the things you try are different, but you can't be a leader if you are not an innovator. For example I'm sure every one of us has thought in some …

Release 2.0 of Cordova-POC android app

A new release 2.0 of android app Cordova-POC is out!

Cordova-POC has been created to help developers, to do demo of your Cordova/Phonegap/HTML5 app to customer upon smartphone on-the-fly.

This new release has added support of more cordova versions.