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Reactive programming by examples - Episode 1

Reactive World

Is almost one year that I have started to learn the reactive world, I began from its manifesto and i continued applying it in development of my Open Source projects and  in particular through the  languages JavaScript (and then RxJS), Java (and then RxJava) and Swift (and then RxSwift) Why Reactive ?

Initially I approached reactive paradigm like a kid that open the gift box with a new and unknown toy, mostly fascinated by the technological wave that carried with it a lot of “new” stuff like: functional programming, stream/event oriented programming, backpressure, “callback hell” solver.

But as always “all that glitters ain't gold!” and our capacity to understand context of problems make the real difference and help us to choose the right approach, language, paradigm and frameworks to put on the table.
Better explain by examples

So I would share with you some problems in particular contexts that I have dealt with reactive programming hoping that, like for myself, the appro…