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What's a Code Playground ?
In the last Apple Developer Conference (ADC) has been presented the new programming language named Swift.
In that conference the Swift's showcases have been developed through a new tool, included in Xcode, named Playground (Playing Around) that allowed, while writing code, having an immediate feedback about the effect of what they were doing

It is quite evident that this is a great feature to provide for whatever IDE and take note that  Apple is not the first to do this.

Purpose of this article is to try to give as much as possible information about the best "Code Playground" available in the software development market
Java Code PlaygroundsSo let's start. First, being a Java Developer, i would like put in evidence that a kind of "playground" has been provided by Eclipse long time ago through use of Java Scrapbook Page that are defined as: The scrapbook allows Java expressions, to be run, inspected, and displayed under the control…

CORDOVA POC 1.3.1 for IOS has been released on App Store

why a release so time shortly ?
After release 1.3.0 of Cordova-POC I have had some feedbacks about crash of application in various scenarios such as :
At startup Opening the showcase Opening the JSFiddle tabOn my devices, 4S+7.1.1/IPAD2+7.1.1, everything went well but the problem seemed happen only on 5s devices.
After an investigation I have found the problem that was related to  Apache Cordova implementation. Fortunately there was available also a FIX (Cordova 3.5.0 includes it by default). 
I've applied such fix, tested and submitted the new 1.3.1 release of Cordova-POC to App Store. 
Hope this release will solve all previous problems, while for the next release, the 1.4.0,  i've planned to add push support and a new view to show up the device log (for debug purpose)
Thanks for patience and enjoy this new release of Cordova-POC