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Create Typescript Definition from Polymer Element using Yeoman

Javascript evolution Growing fame of javascript language not only in front-end development but also to develop back-end application (aka isomorphic development), has put in evidence the need to evolve such language to give a developer the same level of abstraction of other languages (eg. java c# swift) and so the ECMA6 standard has came out.

With ECMA6 for the first time in its history, javascript deal with portability issue and we have to understand how javascript will overcome such problem Why Typescript ?In the meanwhile Typescript is , in my opinion, one of the better choices for developer in order to use a expressive & modern language without deal with portability issue. Typescript is a very mature language and Microsoft, with helps of  Community, are very active on it and so hence a lot of tools and facilities are available for us. Using Typescript and Polymer(TS) The Webcomponents have changed the way to approach web development, Polymer has provided a complete "producti…