CORDOVA-POC has been removed from App Store

Idea behind AppFive years ago Cordova POC landed on App Store. I developed this App firstly to help me to dealt with hybrid mobile programming, afterwards I has evolved its concept give it a more marketing meaning as state below:  
Cordova-POC helps to do demo of your Cordova app to customer on-the-fly. Idea is to connect multiple sources (online & offline) from which download HTML5 application’s bundle. You can package your demo app as zip file and put it on Dropbox or develop it directly on JSFiddle downloading it when you ready. Moreover Cordova-POC collects the deployed applications, providing a personal applications gallery, always ready to run.At that time was a pretty innovative idea, currently there are  a lot of app that allow to achieve similar goals.

However I've tried to keep such App updated with major Cordova releases in particular for the IOS version that gained hundreds of downloads (objectively not so many but a good achievement for me)
The Reasons of RejectConti…

My experience trying to explain “reactive” word meaning

Reactive currently is one of the most trendy buzzword in the technology world

Reactive is a word widely used as prefix for “System” and “Programming” to describe two very different matter

However as IT consultant and reactive sponsor I have had a lot of discussion about it, but essentially the main question is always the same:
Q: What does mean reactive ?and immediately after:
Q: Why I have to use reactive ?Even if there are a lot of professional articles that try to explain in exhaustive way the reactive system , reactive programming and/or both the questions still persist in context in which I work.

I’ve explained that reactive system is not the same thing of reactive programming, moreover concerning reactive system, I’ve demystified a bit the reactive word and, as reactive manifesto states clearly, I gave focus the attention on more classic concepts of a “distributed system” based upon “message driven” architecture (ie. reactive system is an architectural style).

After that, the question…

Typescript on JVM passing by Nashorn

The last trend, from Java to Javascript
I’ve developed a lot with Java (until java 8) but lately i’m progressively, for several reasons, moving to other programming languages with a prevalence of JavaScript.
Yes, this means that I’m becoming a full stack developer using, mainly, ionic/angular for front-end development and nodejs for back-end development. Use Typescript as an enhanced Javascript
Really,more than works with JavaScript, I use Typescript that I consider a must-to-use for developing on javascript-aware environment/runtime.
A deep dive in Typescript is not the objective of this article, for now consider typescript an enhanced JavaScript that transpile itself in pure javascript so when we’ll use the Typescript word will imply that being the scene there is javascript The Enterprise dilemma - Javascript on back-endHowever in my opinion Javascript / angular / nodejs is a great technology stack but, working as consultant in Enterprise projects, there is a resistant to move back-end …

Slides on TV 1.1 is out!

Release 1.1I've released a new version of Slides on TV theapp that make easy and comfortable (from your sofa)  to watch the presentations on your TV (for details please refers to my previous postWatch presentations on Apple TV - Here is SlidesOnTV)
Fig. 1 - Main Menu New Features
The main feature included in this release the “Favourites Management” with the possibility to: Save reference to your favourites slides avoiding to search for it again (such reference will be saved on ICloud) View Your saved Favourites Delete a Favourite

Reactive Programming and the RX (r)evolution

Meet-up at DevDay
Lately i've conducted a meet-up at DevDay, an Italian Developer Community,  to present the Reactive Programming Paradigm and Reactive Extension.
I believe in this approach and would like to share my experience, so I've presented a "slide deck" (embed at the end) and below is reported its summary.
1. The Reactive ManifestoI've briefly introduced the Reactive Manifesto, underlining which are, in my opinion,  the most important concepts coming out from it:

Asynchronousnon blockingMessage Driven back-pressureResilient
2. Why use ReactiveWhy the Reactive Systems are becoming so important in the modern age of the Microservices & Cloud ?

In this part I have introduced the importance of  :

Let's do it asynchronous Async != Multi threadsAsync == Never BlockImmutable State
3. When to be Reactive When Reactive Programming could help you ? For developing which Applications ?

In particular, during this part, I've shared my personal path toward Reactive Fun…

NodeJS - Event Loop unveiled

NodeJS : An asynchronous single threaded environment 😮 When started to work with nodeJS i was surprised that it was advertised as "asynchronous single threaded" environment.

So I've tried to understand how it worked and then, at the end, I have dealt with famous and notorious event loop. Moreover, during studying, I've also figured out that its operation was the same either when Javascript run in NodeJS than in the whatever Internet Browser.
The Event Loop In the image below has shown the basic event loop schema that make clear the architectural choices behind  the callback model (and as consequence the callback hell).
In fact such model allows to decouple the event loop thread, where the main application runs, from all the resource consuming operations.

Event Loop in NodeJS The image below adds more details to the previous one in particular, concerning event loop, we find out event queue and worker threads that give us a bit more info about its operation.

What the …