The XCODE's Plugins to work with COCOAPODS


As explained in  COCOAPODS: a dependency manager for IOS development , Cocoapods has became the de-facto standard for IOS development.

As consequence of that, from Open Source's world are coming out several Xcode plugins to make easy to work with Cocoapods

In this article i briefly describe the plugins that i've tested during my IOS development work


This Plugin provides a UI that allows to search, select & install pods in graphical way. In particular is  very handy the searching feature and it is well-designed the provided way to  keeping pod's versions under control.

CocoaPodUI popup

Open and build CocoaPodUI project, it will be installed automatically.
Just remove CocoaPodUI.xcplugin from ~/Library/Application Support/Developer/Shared/Xcode/Plug-ins

CocoaPods for Xcode 

This plugin provides  a complete set of features allowing to work with CocoaPods. In particular is interesting the opportunity to create a project's 'Podspec' in order to publish it to a 'Specs Repo'. 

CocoaPods menu
  • Downloads and integrates CocoaPods listed in a project's Podfile
  • Creates podspecs from a template
  • Shows command output in the window console
  • Installs documentation (from CocoaDocs) for the CocoaPods used in the open Xcode workspace
  • Downloads, updates, and installs CocoaPods

  • Xcode 5
  • CocoaPods 0.22.1+
It is possible install it via Alcatraz or clone & build the project
Uninstall via Alcatraz or remove  ~/Library/Application\ Support/Developer/Shared/Xcode/Plug-ins/CocoaPods.xcplugin/



This plugin for CocoaPods provides a pod commands/console output, user notifications & code completion. In particular it is very useful the syntax highlighting Podfile's editor (see Fig. 2 below). 

Fig.1  - CocoaPods Menu

  • Check for outdated Pods from Xcode
  • Run Update/Install from Xcode
  • Output of the supported Commands appears in the Xcode Debug Console
  • Edit you Podfile with code completion (Pods and versions are taken from the installed CocoaPods Repos)

Fig. 2 - Pod editor

Requires Xcode5. 
Open and build KFCocoaPodsPlugin project, it will be installed automatically.


In my IOS development experience with Xcode & CocoaPods I use  KFCocoaPodsPlugin because its use is  very handy and straightforward, and a perfect mix between automation and control (and it doesn't hide to me the Cocoapods's stuff).

So ... If you develop in Xcode and you are a happy user of CocoaPods (like me) don't miss to download and install one o more of these useful plugins


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