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New Forge plugin helps use of maven-confluence-plugin

What does the Plugin Now is available a  JBoss Forge plugin that helps setup use of maven-confluence-plugin within a maven project

What's ForgeJBoss Forge is a powerful shell that is designed to increase java development productivity providing a set of tools to automatize and/or speed up common development's tasks

Compliance  Currently the plugin is compliant with release 1.4.1 of Forge

Documentation See the Getting Started for more infos

Release 2.2 of Cordova-POC is out!!

A new release 2.2 of android app Cordova-POC is out! Cordova-POC has been created to help developers, to do demo of your Cordova (AKA Phonegap) app  to customer on-the-fly. Idea is to deploy HTML5 application bundle (i.e. zip file) directly on device  from a source either, on-line than off-line. Moreover Cordova-POC collects the deployed applications, providing a personal applications gallery,  always ready to run.

What's New Add Support for Cordova  3.1.0Add JSFiddle Integration. Preview & Download fiddleCordova/Phonegap 2.0.0, 2.5.0 are supportedDropbox supportSD Card SupportInline help For any suggestions or issues please go to

MAVEN PLUGIN(S) SERIES - Display effective POM

Maven Help Pluginorg.apache.maven.plugins:maven-help-plugin
Often  we need to understand  the "effective POM" of our project. While eclipse provide this feature directly into "POM Editor view",  from command line it is possible using maven-help-plugin as show below:

(Description from plugin's maven site)

The effective-pom goal is used to make visible the POM that results from the application of interpolation, inheritance and active profiles. It provides a useful way of removing the guesswork about just what ends up in the POM that Maven uses to build your project. It will iterate over all projects in the current build session, printing the effective POM for each. You can execute this goal using the following command: # mvn help:effective-pom Note: you could also use the output parameter to redirect output to a file.
Take a look to other useful goals provided by this plugin, in particular:

GoalDescriptionhelp:active-profilesDisplays a list of the profiles which are cu…