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WEB COMPONENTIZATION - WebComponent and Polymer

Web Front End DevelopmentOn Web Front-End's development seems focusing the greater part of developers' attention. After the wave "web as platform" now, another one is coming out, it is "browser as platform". The new web applications are built as "single page application" following the new principles of Service Oriented Front End Architecture(1) that extends the SOA ones.
As consequence the number of the frameworks concerning it are continuously growing and choosing the right one are beginning a complex task to accomplish
Such frameworks could be split in two main domains : the STRUCTURAL Framework(2) and the UIKIT(3).
Concerning the STRUCTURAL Framework seems that the most popular,until now, is AngularJS that has introduced into web development a lot of concepts once owned exclusively by BACK END Frameworks (like for example Inversion of Control) and gave us an easier way to manage, arrange & modularize our Front-End projects
Concerning  UIKIT the…