CORDOVA POC 1.3.1 for IOS has been released on App Store

why a release so time shortly ?

After release 1.3.0 of Cordova-POC  I have had some feedbacks about crash of application in various scenarios such as :
  • At startup 
  • Opening the showcase 
  • Opening the JSFiddle tab
On my devices, 4S+7.1.1/IPAD2+7.1.1, everything went well but the problem seemed happen only on 5s devices.

After an investigation I have found the problem that was related to  Apache Cordova implementation. Fortunately there was available also a FIX (Cordova 3.5.0 includes it by default). 

I've applied such fix, tested and submitted the new 1.3.1 release of Cordova-POC to App Store. 

Hope this release will solve all previous problems, while for the next release, the 1.4.0,  i've planned to add push support and a new view to show up the device log (for debug purpose)

Thanks for patience and enjoy this new release of Cordova-POC


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