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A Mobile's developer belt

original hosted in google docs : Mobile developer belt

Create Typescript Definition from Polymer Element using Yeoman

Javascript evolution Growing fame of javascript language not only in front-end development but also to develop back-end application (aka isomorphic development), has put in evidence the need to evolve such language to give a developer the same level of abstraction of other languages (eg. java c# swift) and so the ECMA6 standard has came out.

With ECMA6 for the first time in its history, javascript deal with portability issue and we have to understand how javascript will overcome such problem Why Typescript ?In the meanwhile Typescript is , in my opinion, one of the better choices for developer in order to use a expressive & modern language without deal with portability issue. Typescript is a very mature language and Microsoft, with helps of  Community, are very active on it and so hence a lot of tools and facilities are available for us. Using Typescript and Polymer(TS) The Webcomponents have changed the way to approach web development, Polymer has provided a complete "producti…

CORDOVA POC 1.6 App has been released

What's new in 1.6 In this new IOS release, I've updated App to support version 5.0.0 of Cordova ( IOS platform 3.8.0)

Moreover, in this release, I've added a new feature particularly useful for who would like test the appearance of an application during development, in fact Cordova POC now is able to connect, directly, to the developer's work station 


The screenshot on the left shows the connect icon. Tap on it for connecting to a remote web server


The screenshot on the left shows the settings icon. Tap on it for update settings

The screenshot on the right shows the settings dialog where you can update settings.

Below a short video that shows how it works

ConclusionI hope that Cordova POC, and in particular this new feature, could help your work.

So .... enjoy Cordova POC

(see it on App Store) (see it on Google Play

POLYMER + TYPESCRIPT the marvelous couple

Polymer 1.0 - why I love component based approachFrom last GoogleIO - Polymer 1.0 production ready has been announcedI use Polymer ( currently the 0.5) in my projects and love the component based  development approach and I'm grateful  to webcomponent/polymer teams having ported such approach also in front end development
This is the  most important point for me and the main reason because i haven't used the more famous AngularJS
When evaluating AngularJS 1.x it was impressed in term of features but, except for the mysterious directives, it didn't promote a components approach but rather a way to better arrange a complex javascript projects giving to developers features that, until then, was exclusively provided by back-end frameworks
However the widely announced AngularJS 2 will rely on webcomponent and the main focus has been put on directive development, so my choice to follow the component based approach in front end development seems to go in the right direction  Role of…

CORDOVA POC 1.5 for IOS has been released on App Store

What's new
On the Feb 14, a GITHUB user  opened the issue29 on the cordova-poc project that stated cannot be reached in China Mainland. I think it is necessary to add support for Apple iCloud or Microsoft OneDrive so cordova-poc can be used inside China.Thanks.

I didn't know, so i've worked on IOS app to introduce support for iCloud Drive and finally the release 1.5 has been released on App Store

How to useSetup iCloudIt's pretty straightforward, it's enough to create a folder in your iCloud Drive named cordova-poc and put your cordova's app as zip archive in it.
Enable iCloud on DeviceTo access to iCloud service from Device you have to enable it. It is possible from settings panel following the  "get iCloud up and running on your iOS device in a few easy steps" a simple guide from Apple
Use ICloud from Cordova PocOnce accomplished tasks above, run Codova Poc app goes in iCloud tab and will appear the view

and ... enjoy iCloud Drive integration

WEB COMPONENTIZATION - WebComponent and Polymer

Web Front End DevelopmentOn Web Front-End's development seems focusing the greater part of developers' attention. After the wave "web as platform" now, another one is coming out, it is "browser as platform". The new web applications are built as "single page application" following the new principles of Service Oriented Front End Architecture(1) that extends the SOA ones.
As consequence the number of the frameworks concerning it are continuously growing and choosing the right one are beginning a complex task to accomplish
Such frameworks could be split in two main domains : the STRUCTURAL Framework(2) and the UIKIT(3).
Concerning the STRUCTURAL Framework seems that the most popular,until now, is AngularJS that has introduced into web development a lot of concepts once owned exclusively by BACK END Frameworks (like for example Inversion of Control) and gave us an easier way to manage, arrange & modularize our Front-End projects
Concerning  UIKIT the…