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CORDOVA POC has landed on App Store

What's the needWhen I started to develop mobile app, very soon I dealt with the 'porting' dilemma

I gave a look to HTML5 approach through Cordova/Phonegapproject, but not always, the HTML5 stuff, seemed working as expected and this discouraged me to go in deep.

Then I worked on native stuff and in the same time I followed the HTML5/mobile evolution

When I found out services as JSFiddle and and I discovered the amount of HTML5's stuff already done and ready to use, I reviewed my mobile strategy and I've embraced the mixed model that is join native with HTML5.
Why I thought to it?This great amount of the HTML5 snippets,  raised me an issue: 
I want see them in action on mobile, quickly & easily,  and I want understand how them will appear inside a Cordova view.

Even if setup a Cordova app using cordova-cli is pretty straightforward, there was the problem to setup a lot of temporary applications whose goal was provide just a POC (Proof of Concept). So I'v…

JAVASCRIPT REBORN: Node.js, Nashorn, JavaScriptCore

JavaScript: A language for HTML into Browser (?)
JavaScript language has been considered for long time, strictly joined both with HTML and Internet Browsers.

First with DHTML then with AJAX and finally with HTML5 javascript has rapidly became wide used into web programming land.

But, as said, JavaScript was less famous as programming language for business or concerning whatever stuff outside the browser. 

Concerning my experience, i remember that i used JavaScript, out of Browser, for develop web app in Microsoft Active Server Page (long time ago) using JScript  (Microsoft's implementation of ECMAScript) and other small projects using  Mozilla Rhino 

2012, JavaScript rebornNow seems that JavaScript is reborn as a "common purpose" programming language, breaking definitely the browser's borders. 

Throughout 2012, JavaScript seems to be solving problems across the industry, causing some justifiable hype across a number of libraries and frameworks.

Below find out some actors t…