JBoss Forge Addon for Confluence Maven Plugin has been released!


JBoss Forge is an enhanced java shell, tightly coupled with maven, that allows to develop scaffolding, wizards and whatever utilities that you can imagine. It is defined as:

 The fastest way to build applications, share your software and enjoy doing it.

From release 2.0, JBoss Forge has implemented an UI abstraction layer that allow to  run its shells both as command line interface (CLI) than as eclipse's plugin with GUI

This is a very nice feature that has pushed me to develop a JBoss Forge addon for my confluence maven plugin, to make easier setup confluence publication within your maven project

Let's give a look at how to setup the confluence maven plugin in your project from eclipse using JBoss Forge

First, Install Forge2 in Eclipse

To do this an Update Site is available for Eclipse Kepler or Luna (4.3/4.4) at 


Install  "confluence-forge-plugin" addon

After that, we have to install  "confluence-forge-plugin" addon so, let's launch the Forge2 console window from Eclipse[1] and than select install addon (see Fig. 1 )

Fig. 1 - Require to Install Addon 

Provide the addon's coordinates (groupId, artifactId and version) and press Finish (see Fig. 2). In the image has been used the development version 4.0.1-SNAPSHOT but you could use the stable one 4.0.0

Fig. 2 - Provide Addon Coordinate

Finally, we can run the confluence's setup. 

Let's launch the Forge2 console window[1] select Confluence/setup (see Fig. 3)

Fig. 3 - Confluence setup command

Set the parameters required by displayed dialog (see Fig. 4) and press 'Finish'

Fig. 4 - Setup parameters
Then the plugin will create (or update if exists)  the maven configuration directly in your project's pom, making this task very straightforward (test it to believe).


JBoss Forge (mostly from version 2) is a very useful to help us during development phases (in particular if we use maven). I'm using it and i'm developing addon to speed up my software development and the confluence forge plugin is a clear example of that

So ... enjoy JBoss Forge 2 and confluence maven plugin

[1] Press ⌘5 on Mac. If you has Windows OS go to in "Eclipse/Settings/General/key/Run a Forge Command" to get the right key)


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