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Why an App on TV for Presentations
While I arranged a new course to teach my currently favorite new programming approach/paradigm that is the Reactive one, I looked at several presentations to gather ideas and get inspiration but, in same time, I had to write my presentation and so I continuously had to switch from one to others and vice versa. One day I was on sofa with my laptop continuing my presentation when, seeing the TV, I imagined that would been great look presentations on that avoiding me switching. So I decided to develop a simple App whose purpose would be:
“Make easy and comfortable (from your sofa)  to watch the presentations on your TV.”
Finally, after couple of months (and several nights)  I’ve completed the first version of the SildesOnTV and I’ve deployed it to AppStore (see it on iTunes) Available FeaturesSuch application gathers presentations over internet and shows them providing a great user experience, maximizing usage of the features from your Siri Remote.

CORDOVA POC 2.0 IOS App has been released