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Reactive Programming and the RX (r)evolution

Meet-up at DevDay
Lately i've conducted a meet-up at DevDay, an Italian Developer Community,  to present the Reactive Programming Paradigm and Reactive Extension.
I believe in this approach and would like to share my experience, so I've presented a "slide deck" (embed at the end) and below is reported its summary.
1. The Reactive ManifestoI've briefly introduced the Reactive Manifesto, underlining which are, in my opinion,  the most important concepts coming out from it:

Asynchronousnon blockingMessage Driven back-pressureResilient
2. Why use ReactiveWhy the Reactive Systems are becoming so important in the modern age of the Microservices & Cloud ?

In this part I have introduced the importance of  :

Let's do it asynchronous Async != Multi threadsAsync == Never BlockImmutable State
3. When to be Reactive When Reactive Programming could help you ? For developing which Applications ?

In particular, during this part, I've shared my personal path toward Reactive Fun…