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DynJS Addon: Develop a JBoss Forge Addon using Javascript

As java developer I continuously searching tools that make easier my daily work. While ago i've started to use JBoss Forge and, for my job, seems the right tool in the right moment.

The tight maven integration, the lot of available wizards has immediately got my attention, but the "best of" for me was the possibility to extend it developing Addon in easy way and sharing them as maven artifacts.

Lately i'm approaching to other programming languages (i'm became a polyglot believer) and in particular i love Javascript, because it could be considered a full-stack language covering either the client-side and server-side programming. 
So i've thought to bring on javascript on JBoss Forge to allow developing an Addon using such programming language more than java, giving the possibility to developers to build, test & share an Addon in quick & easy way without need to compilation and jar packaging
For that purpose I've started a new Open Source project named