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CORDOVA POC 1.6 App has been released

What's new in 1.6 In this new IOS release, I've updated App to support version 5.0.0 of Cordova ( IOS platform 3.8.0)

Moreover, in this release, I've added a new feature particularly useful for who would like test the appearance of an application during development, in fact Cordova POC now is able to connect, directly, to the developer's work station 


The screenshot on the left shows the connect icon. Tap on it for connecting to a remote web server


The screenshot on the left shows the settings icon. Tap on it for update settings

The screenshot on the right shows the settings dialog where you can update settings.

Below a short video that shows how it works

ConclusionI hope that Cordova POC, and in particular this new feature, could help your work.

So .... enjoy Cordova POC

(see it on App Store) (see it on Google Play

POLYMER + TYPESCRIPT the marvelous couple

Polymer 1.0 - why I love component based approachFrom last GoogleIO - Polymer 1.0 production ready has been announcedI use Polymer ( currently the 0.5) in my projects and love the component based  development approach and I'm grateful  to webcomponent/polymer teams having ported such approach also in front end development
This is the  most important point for me and the main reason because i haven't used the more famous AngularJS
When evaluating AngularJS 1.x it was impressed in term of features but, except for the mysterious directives, it didn't promote a components approach but rather a way to better arrange a complex javascript projects giving to developers features that, until then, was exclusively provided by back-end frameworks
However the widely announced AngularJS 2 will rely on webcomponent and the main focus has been put on directive development, so my choice to follow the component based approach in front end development seems to go in the right direction  Role of…