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MAVEN PLUGIN(S) SERIES - Generate a Visual Dependency Tree

Maven Dependency Pluginorg.apache.maven.plugins:maven-dependency-plugin:2.8:treeThe Maven dependency:tree goal produces a helpful report  of all jars coming from in our projects. The default output is text but, sometimes, we would want something more visual. Here is what we have to do

Generate graphml outputSince the version 2.1 the Dependency plugin supports different output formats, one of them the GraphML, which is an XML-based file format for graphs.
To achieve this is very simple it is enough .. cd in your project and run:

> mvn dependency:tree -DoutputType=graphml -DoutputFile=dependency.graphml

yEd a GraphML tool In order to visualize GraphML, it is possible to use  yEd Graph Editor which is a cool free visualization tool written in Java.

To visualize your dependency tree using yEd, follow the steps outlined below

Open yEd  (It's also possible launch it using java web start)Select: Open Document > dependency.graphml > OK.Select: Layout > Hierarchical > Orientation …