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Hybrid Development
At the moment, I'm a "mobile hybrid development" believer. HTML5 provides a lot a good stuff ready to use for mobile apps and to solve native access dilemma, i've choose to use the Cordova (aka Phonegap) framework.

CordovaCordova provides a container, built around a native WebView, that allow to embed an HTML5 app in native fashion.

A great feature of Cordova is their "plugin's infrastructure" that enable communication between Javascript and native code giving to developers infinite possibility to break HTML5 limits and/or restrictions.

Working with Cordova and developing plugins for IOS & Android  i've understood that common need for all plugins is just to send messages from Javascript that can be handle in native code and viceversa. So i've developed a generic plugin that extend the Cordovabuilt-in message bus connecting it to the standard native message bus provided by native platform.

The "Broadcaster" Plugin
The …