Slides on TV 1.1 is out!

Release 1.1

I've released a new version of Slides on TV the app that make easy and comfortable (from your sofa)  to watch the presentations on your TV (for details please refers to my previous  post Watch presentations on Apple TV - Here is SlidesOnTV)

Fig. 1 - Main Menu

New Features

The main feature included in this release the “Favourites Management” with the possibility to:
  • Save reference to your favourites slides avoiding to search for it again (such reference will be saved on ICloud)
  • View Your saved Favourites
  • Delete a Favourite
Fig. 2 - Add to Favourite
Simulator Screen Shot 19 Jul 2017, 19.38.04.png

I've also implemented the “cancel download” feature  through the remote menu button (Fig.3)

Fig. 3 - Cancel Download ?
Simulator Screen Shot 19 Jul 2017, 19.35.51.png

What’s Next

For next versions I’ve planned to integrate “Top Shelf“ feature to allow showing favourite presentation directly from TV desktop


I hope that, for who own an Apple TV,  SlidesOnTV  can help you to enjoy, even more, of presentations in comfortable way.

So .... enjoy SlideOnTV

(see it on iTunes)  (original article is on google docs)


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