CORDOVA POC 1.5 for IOS has been released on App Store

What's new

On the Feb 14, a GITHUB user  opened the issue29 on the cordova-poc project that stated cannot be reached in China Mainland. I think it is necessary to add support for Apple iCloud or Microsoft OneDrive so cordova-poc can be used inside China.Thanks.

I didn't know, so i've worked on IOS app to introduce support for iCloud Drive and finally the release 1.5 has been released on App Store

How to use

Setup iCloud

It's pretty straightforward, it's enough to create a folder in your iCloud Drive named cordova-poc and put your cordova's app as zip archive in it.

Enable iCloud on Device

To access to iCloud service from Device you have to enable it. It is possible from settings panel following the  "get iCloud up and running on your iOS device in a few easy steps" a simple guide from Apple

Use ICloud from Cordova Poc

Once accomplished tasks above, run Codova Poc app goes in iCloud tab and will appear the view

and ... enjoy iCloud Drive integration


I would say thank to GITHUB user "smallpotato000" for contribution in growing of this App


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