NodeJS IDE for Java Developer

IDE dilemma

In last years i've spent the most of my development time using the Java's language.

Lately i've  discovered the amazing power of NodeJS framework and now I love it.

But, starting to work on it, immediately I've had  the following dilemma:

Which IDE I have to use to develop NodeJS application ? 

When i've found out that both, my preferred java IDE, Eclipse and Netbeans had plugin for nodeJS development ... I understood how much NodeJS had become popular and my enthusiasm is grew. 

Below, i would like to share with you, the Toolset that i'm using to develop NodeJS 

Eclipse Tools for Node.js (from Nodeclipse)

Those tools provides an amazing feature set for working on NodeJS ecosystem


  • Creating default structure for New Node Project and New Node Source File
  • Generating Express project with Wizard
  • JavaScript Syntax highlighting
  • Bracket matching and marking selection occurrences with background color
  • Content Assistant within one file (JSDT)
  • Code completion for base Node.js modules
  • Go to definition with Ctrl+click when JSDoc is used
  • Refactoring within one file (Alt+Shift+R)
  • JSON files highlight and validation
  • NPM support
  • Debugging - Breakpoint, Trace, Variables, Expressions, etc... 
  • Setting project properties for JSHint-Eclipse automatically; JSHint settings template
  • Specifying environment variables values to use (per every file)
  • Running CoffeeScript *.coffee files
  • Running *.js files with PhantomJS, MongoDB Shell or Java 8 Nashorn jjs util.
  • Supporting *.njs, *.pjs, *.mjs and *.jjs file extentions.
  • Bundled together with Markdown EditorGitHub Flavored MarkdownStartExplorer (for system explorer and shell)RegExpIcon EditorMongoDB GUIRestClient Tool and other plugins (20+ in total, check update site(p2 repository) and Nodeclipse Plugin List)
  • Support for Eclipse Juno, Kepler, Luna M3 (3.7, 3.8, 4.2, 4.3, 4.4)


Start Eclipse, then select Help > Install New Software... and enter the update site URL

NetBeans Tools for Node.js  (from timboudreau)

Those tools provide a complete feature set for working on NodeJS:


  • A Node project type
  • Clickable stack traces in the output window
  • A run with node action on Javascript files (and of course, the project)
  • Integration with Node Package Manager (npm) and a slick little UI for adding libraries
  • GUI for editing package.json files, and generating their standard contents
  • Ability to store machine-specific command-line arguments (excluded from version control if you use NetBeans' version control).
  • Ability to download Node's sources so the highlighted stack traces point somewhere


To download the plugin go to Tools/Plugins/Settings push Add and set the repository url

The plugin code is on GITHUB


Both of such toolset are very useful and allow a Java Developer to move toward NodeJS, keeping the favorite developer environment

Then ... enjoy the NodeJS development


  1. My choice is Codelobster. It has special tools for Node.js.

    1. Codelobster looks great ... currently to develop in Javascript/Typescript for nodeJS i'm using Visual Studio Code


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