CORDOVA POC has landed on App Store

What's the need

When I started to develop mobile app, very soon I dealt with the 'porting' dilemma

I gave a look to HTML5 approach through Cordova/Phonegap project, but not always, the HTML5 stuff, seemed working as expected and this discouraged me to go in deep.

Then I worked on native stuff and in the same time I followed the HTML5/mobile evolution

When I found out services as JSFiddle and and I discovered the amount of HTML5's stuff already done and ready to use, I reviewed my mobile strategy and I've embraced the mixed model that is join native with HTML5.

Why I thought to it?

This great amount of the HTML5 snippets,  raised me an issue: 
I want see them in action on mobile, quickly & easily,  and I want understand how them will appear inside a Cordova view.

Even if setup a Cordova app using cordova-cli is pretty straightforward, there was the problem to setup a lot of temporary applications whose goal was provide just a POC (Proof of Concept). So I've tried to create a single app, replacing every time the HTML5's stuff, but this solution was boring and didn't allow to keep a POC's history

The Cordova-POC App

For these reasons (and not only that), I have developed Cordova-POC App.
Cordova-POC has been created to help to do demo of your Cordova/Phonegap app to customer on-the-fly. Idea is to connect multiple sources (online & offline) from which download HTML5 application’s bundle. You can package your demo app as zip file and put it on Dropbox or develop it directly on JSFiddle downloading it when you ready. Moreover Cordova-POC collects the deployed applications, providing a personal applications gallery, always ready to run.
I've developed the first release for Android (see it on Google Play)  and two weeks ago i've released also the IOS version (see it on App Store). I've mixed HTML5 and Native to develop this app and ,the HTML5 stuff concerning JSFiddle integration, is available on Github

The most interesting features are:

  1. Support of multiple releases of Cordova simultaneously 
  2. The possibility to download a JSFiddle directly on device
  3. Share the snippet using Dropbox

I've planned for next release :

  1. Add support of Manifest . This Manifest allows to specify application' icon, cordova version, ...
  2. Get snippet from Pocket
  3. Add support of scripting for native development. Rhino for Android and JavaScriptCore for IOS
Moreover I'm working on cordova-poc-cli to speedup POC packaging.


I hope that this App could help you in your work. The reason because it is a paid app is the need to have new mobile devices to test and improving user experience.

This app has been published on phonegap apps gallery


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