NetBeans support for JavaFX for iOS is out!

I while ago i heard about the possibility to build native IOS application using Java

Trying to go in deep of this topic i found out the amazing project:  ROBOVM

I started to test it  developing a Proof of concept  robovm-jsfiddle-javafx-app  available on Github

The amazing thing was the possibility to bring "native javaFx app" to "native IOS app" keeping the L&F

All looked very promising ... but unofficial and not suggested for production mode.

But now i find out an article from Oracle Blog - Netbeans support for JavaFX for IOS is out!  and  ... my thought is :

Are we ready to develop a new generation of IOS app javaFX-aware? 

I'll stay on track ....


  1. I'm always a fun of Xamarin tools and I like projects like this


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