MAVEN PLUGIN(S) SERIES - Display effective POM

Maven Help Plugin  org.apache.maven.plugins:maven-help-plugin

Often  we need to understand  the "effective POM" of our project. While eclipse provide this feature directly into "POM Editor view",  from command line it is possible using maven-help-plugin as show below:

(Description from plugin's maven site)

The effective-pom goal is used to make visible the POM that results from the application of interpolation, inheritance and active profiles. It provides a useful way of removing the guesswork about just what ends up in the POM that Maven uses to build your project. It will iterate over all projects in the current build session, printing the effective POM for each.
You can execute this goal using the following command:
# mvn help:effective-pom
Note: you could also use the output parameter to redirect output to a file.

Take a look to other useful goals provided by this plugin, in particular:

help:active-profilesDisplays a list of the profiles which are currently active for this build.
help:evaluateEvaluates Maven expressions given by the user in an interactive mode.
help:expressionsDisplays the supported Plugin expressions used by Maven.
help:systemDisplays a list of the platform details like system properties and environment variables.


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