Maven Best Practices

In my continuous reading through the blogs i've found this very useful article regarding Maven. It start with the follow sentence:

Love or hate it… he will stay for a moment.
So let’s apply the best practices to our poms and maven builds.

Below the Table Of Contents 

Make the build reproducible
  - Always specify a version for Maven2 plugins
  - Minimize number of SNASPHOT dependencies
  - Use dependency management section
  - Beware of relocation in maven repo
  - After a dependency modification, double check the produced artifacts
Use and abuse of modules
  - more “technical/layered”
  - more business oriented
Make the build maintainable
  - Prefer default directory layout
  - Avoid duplication by moving common tags to parent pom
  - Always specify a version of dependencies in a parent pom
  - Use Properties Liberally
  - Minimize the number of Profiles
Make the build portable
  - Don’t commit eclipse and maven artifacts
  - Don't modify pom/artifactsin your "enterprise" repository

Read it  from Don't Make the Same Mistake Twice


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